Letter from developer of the NP Tracker project

Dear Sir/Mame,

Thank you for considering donating to the NP Tracker project. It is a project I started back in 2014 to aid my local community in storing vehicles that were suspicious and or used in crimes, back then (and even to this day) communities leaders had their lists on spreadsheets and little black books. The NP Tracker project aims to unite all these communities by securely sharing lookouts given between them with each other without charging a premium and without adds to the users.
What the project offers to communities mostly for FREE is:
  • • Lookups of suspect vehicle registration numbers on the NP Tracker Database or user supplied private hotlists.
  • • Secure cloud based storage of vehicle details for analysis.
  • • Notification and Alert management for if a registration passes through any of the platforms.
  • • Affordable LRP System for single lane slow moving traffic (estates/malls etc).
  • • Phone applications to scan and check South African Vehicle Licence Disks.
Other projects developed and maintained.
  • • Comprehensive social media management toolset to manage and control groups see our Telegram BOT platforms (the backbone of the NP Tracker project see our SocialPrints site for more info).
  • • Facial recognition and secure storage of look out messages related to faces (see our Facevault site for more info).
This is only to name a few of the projects/products developed in-house to aid communities around South Africa in their fight against crime.
Users of the systems.
  • • Parking lots or road entry systems to control access (estates etc).
  • • Gas stations to log when a driver drives away without paying.
  • • Security sector (CPF/Neighbourhood watches/Residents assosiations) in screening and monitoring patterns.
  • • Community user managment on messaging apps like Telegram.
The projects was and IS privately funded by me (to ensure user privacy and the likes), it includes from hosting down to developing the platforms users use daily to safeguard their communities. As stated previously the systems are provided for FREE to users and without marketing adds, to help cover some of the costs please consider donating to this project and help the project get self-sustainable.

Note that not all DONATIONS require being cash and help and assistance are never turned down even advertising the project in your community is a donation of YOUR time and efforts. With more poeple aware of the cause, we''l be one step closer to reaching our goal.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support!
Yours Faithfully
Eduard Stander
email: [email protected]


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Please contact us to offer other assistance or support.