Social Intellegence
Your private NPS-CLOUD key(s) is.
PRIVATEKEYS This key is used to enable others to get notifications from any suspicious number plates captured by your LRP / ANPR Camera(s). You can share this key with your neighbours and so integrate all NPS-ANPR systems in your street/suburb to inform all if any suspicious vehicles are scouting the area.

To receive plates and notifications captured on other NPS-CLOUD systems enter their private Key into the field below:
Ones accepted you will have access to their systems stored data and start setup your own notifications rules under Alerts.

The NP Tracker,NPS-CLOUD and NPS-ANPR projects were founded on an open society principal to aid communities in reporting and catching criminals and unsavory elements in their respected towns / suburbs / neighbourhoods. By sharing lookouts between each others one can act instantly to a suspicious event. The NPS-CLOUD system were designed to aid in building community lookout clusters by sharing your camera feeds to your local community watch/neighbourhood watch/ residential association or CPF to name a few to form a wider reaction network.