Platform plugins / sub-projects



Telegram is a free cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type. is the social platform for the NP Tracker project it is used by group administrators to manage and control groups and is set-up to scan for messages that contain number plates on these networks.

Some of the sub projects run under the socialprints "brand" include:

  • Freemirror - An group/user management platform toolset for interlinking group communication on mainly Telegram groups
  • Partition - Like the freemirror with the exeption that users can manage and create there own private numberplate datasets not shared with the rest of the NP Tracker users
  • LBSN - Location Based Support Network toolset for user management based on users location
  • Smaller projects - Groupjoiner, Municipality, Locator

Freemirror project

The freeMIRROR is one of the platforms used by NP Tracker to gather social intelligence. We started the freeMIRROR project to aid group administrators in what they do best - grow and develop networks. But as user participation increase over groups and or platforms so does the workload on the administrators/ moderators. And with that WE can help.

For the users that want to send all messages recieved on any of their controlled groups to a slack room. Very handy to port messages to other third party applications.

The reason group managers can get a nights rest in the evenings. By setting up rules for groups messages posted to these groups can be forwarded to other groups ie. a message posted by a user in a street group automatictly gets posted to a moderator group and visa versa NOW the moderators do not have to be on EVERY group and only have to mute ONE group if they take a break.

A handy application that when set up will monitor messages on a group if a message gets posted on this group that contains a numberplate that is listed in the NP Tracker dataset of suspicious vehicle registration plates it can notify a admin/moderator/group to take action.

Users on any group that added the freemirror BOT can search the NP Tracker dataset from within the group by sending /lookup ABC123GP

The Groupjoiner project aims to connect users to the closest support network group on supported platforms. This project minimise the tedious task of system administrators/moderators of numerous support groups to add users to existing specific groups based on user location/address. Each client/organisation gets issued with a unique access token, when a user initialise a conversation with the Groupjoiner BOT it will link the user to the organisation and ask him/her to share their location. Once the users location is shared with the BOT it will detect the address and send them a link to join the closest pre defined group to that location alternatively it will send a message to the group administrator(s) to setup a group and or rule for the new users location.

NPS API's and services

We offer the following services and API endpoints for integrators

  • NPS-API - National suspect vehicle registration database lookup + real time notifications
  • NPS-DL - Decrypt and decode the South African drivers licence barcode
  • NPS-DLI - Decrypt the image of the South African drivers licence barcode
  • NPS-ID - Decode the South African Identity Document cards barcode
  • NPS-LIC - Decode the South African Motor vehicle Licence disk barcode + check suspect database and VIN decoder/compare
  • NPS-ANPR - Load own LRP / ANPR feeds into the NPS-CLOUD servers + check suspect database and real time notifications.

See our API running cost calculator.

Partition project

The partition project have ALL the functionality of the freemirror project toolset BUT lets the group manager manage his/her own private dataset on suspicious vehicle registration numbers that are NOT shared with the NP Tracker projects open dataset.

See our shop section for prices and terms and conditions for this paid service.